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Kenwood TM-241A 2 meter FM transceiver for sale. Features 20 Memories Scanning Call Channel Auto Power Off Tone Alert CTCSS Encode DTSS Dual Tone Squelch System Auto Repeater Offset Time-out Timer Optional Digital Recording Unit The Kenwood TM-241A series provides great capability. There are 20 memory channels plus 1 call channel, and all can be used to store transmit and receive frequencies as well as repeater and signaling data. The TM-241A transmits on 2 meters with three output power levels: 5/10/50 watts. Extended receive allows reception from 118 to 174 MHz. New features include Dual Tone Squelch and pager functions. You also get auto-power off, built-in CTCSS encode, time-out timer, auto repeater offset and easy to read LCD.
Includes Mic clip

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