Lots of people have opinions on this subject and I get the emails to prove it.

If my site supports your technical suggestion, I'll consider it. It is a balancing act between security and convenience.

I'll also collect other non-technical suggestions here for you to consider.

 - Pictures, always include good clear pictures!

- Take pictures of more than one side. The back of radio is just as important as the front.

- Model numbers, always be meticulous in providing model numbers for whatever you're selling or wanting.

- Proof of life. Like in hostage photos people want to know your photos are legit. Taking a photo of the item with your callsign and the date written clearly on a piece of paper proves that it's your photo of the actual item and not just some photo snagged off the internet of a similar item. There are scammers online, so it might help some people feel more comfortable in dealing with you.