Have you sold an item on our site and want to show some gratitude.

Do you appreciate the free service that we provide.

We accept donations via PayPal, Interac e-Transfer, and Canada Post.


We have our own PayPalMe page for making quick and easy donations of any amount.

Please visit https://paypal.me/raswap (make sure you change the default currency to CAD before proceeding with the donation)

To donate via Interac e-Transfer you will need to login to your personal online banking site to start the process.

Please send the donation to our main email address of aarenj@gmail.com

Canada Post is a simple and easy option for just the price of a stamp.

Mail us your donation to the following address. Feel free to share a QSL card if you wish, we are always adding to our collection.

Radio Amateur Swap Canada

c/o Aaren Jensen VA7AEJ

24 Bloom Road, Lumby BC