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Why did I create

I've been licensed over 5 years now and when shopping for used gear I noticed a gap in the options available. There were local and sometime regional Swap & Shop websites. Most were very basic and required effort on the seller and the host to create the ads and update them when the items sold. The other end of the spectrum were big global sites like eBay where the hassles of cross border shopping, currency conversions made buying stuff a hassle.

What I really wanted was a national web service dedicated to buying and selling Amateur Radio gear. All the participants would be Canadian so the currency would be common to all, the shipping was much simpler with no customs and duties to worry about. And all the gear offered for sale would be visible from a single site and not many small sites.

All ads are free and always will be. If we're successful some premium services and advertising might be in our future, but the core services of accounts and ad's will always be free.

Thanks for visting

Aaren (VA7AEJ)