It's been 11 months since my little venture went live. Thanks to you the site keeps growing and improving. 

As of July 6th 2017 there are over 450 registered Amateur Radio members since the site was launched in August of last year. Monthly we get around 3500 visits to the site and it's growing monthly. There have been some growing pains, like I didn't anticipate I would need to spend so much time moderating the ads to block the spammers trying to sell you health supplements and other junk on a constant basis. I want to thanks those of you who have donated money or sent encouraging remarks or suggestions on how the site could be improved. The most recent changes to the front page layout and the increase in the amount of photos you can attach to an ad all came from the community of members. As you're probably aware the service is entirely free and financial support comes only from donations. So far donations have not surpassed the actual cost of hosting the site but I'm confident that eventually the value of the service will be appreciated by those that use it and I hope to keep it available to the Amateur Radio community of Canada for years to come. 

To drive traffic, increase membership, generate new ads and donations I'm running a contest from now till August 16th 2017.

- All valid existing members get one free entry in the draw.

- All valid new members who sign up between now and August 16th 2017 get one free entry in the draw.

- Each member can create up to 10 valid amateur radio related ads between now and August 16th 2017 to earn extra free entries, one per ad. (limit 10 free entries per account for contest purposes). New ads are always welcome on the website but only the first 10 that you create within the contest time limit will be entered into the draw.

- Make a donation to the site to help with operating expenses and you'll also get one free entry for each $1 of your donation (example $5 donation = 5 free entries, $10 donation = 10 free entries). You can make donations to the site at this location.

The Prize

For the contest I'll be giving away a $50 Gift Certificate to Radioworld as the main prize for the contest. and Radioworld are not affiliated, and this contest is not supported or endorsed by Radioworld.

UPDATE - It's come to my attention that Radioworld Gift Cards must be redeemed in person in their stores. If the winner is not located near a Radioworld location I'll substitute a $50 gift card of your choice so you can spend it without any hassle (examples include Tim Hortons, VISA or MC, iTunes, WalMart, Amazon, BestBuy, Home Depot, etc.). 

During the next 5-6 weeks I'll be trying to solicit additional prizes for the draw and I'll be announcing them on the website as they become available.

Contest Rules & Regulations

Contest is open to Canadian residents only.

I use the term 'valid' to eliminate the spammers and possibly cheaters from participating.

- Valid user accounts will have an actual Canadian Amateur Radio Callsign as their account name and will be linked to a valid email address. Multiple accounts linked to the same email address will only count for one entry. Hobbyists from other radio related hobbies (shortwave for example) are included in the contest as long as they have followed site policy and contacted me for a unique callsign name for their account.

- Valid ads will be selling/wanting actual amateur related equipment and accessories. To avoid people creating a bunch of ads with little or no value just to get free entries in the contest a limit of 10 entries for new ads was created. Please create new ads in good faith with items of value to other amateur radio enthusiasts. The site admin reserves the right to delete ads that are not of value to our members and disqualify those ads from entry in the contest.

- At the end of the contest all of the valid entries will be organized and assigned a number. A random number generator will be used to pick numbers within the range. The winner will be announced on the website and the winner/s will also be notified by email. Prizes will be mailed/shipped to the winners address within Canada only.

- The site administrator (VA7AEJ) reserves the right to limit or block entries from anyone appearing to try an manipulate/scam the contest in any manner.

Good luck in the contest and thanks for your time and I hope you continue to use and enjoy the site.


Aaren VA7AEJ