Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I launched Radio Amateur Swap Canada back in August of 2016. In the past 5 months we've grown to hundreds of Users, hundreds of Ad's, and best of all thousands of visits per month.

I would like to thank you for helping

Thanks to everyone visiting, selling, and especially buying from Radio Amateur Swap Canada.


  • 3500-4000 visitors per month
  • over 250 registered users
  • over 200 ad's created since the site launched in mid August


Please remember to promote our website

Wow, has it been a month already?

Thanks to everyone who visited the site, created accounts, created ad's, bought something from a seller, or helped someone find an item that they were looking for.

Here are some stats from our first month 'on-the-air'.

  • Over

Another new week and more stats from month #1

    Nearly 3000 visitors.
    Almost 150 new users.
    Over 80 new ads posted.
    And we've confirmed more sales resulting from ads seen on our site.

A Donate button has been added to the top menu bar. As our

The train keeps rolling along.

    Over 2100 visitors.
    Over 130 new users.
    Over 60 new ads posted.
    And we've confirmed multiple sales resulting from ads seen on our site.

Thanks everyone!

Some bad news...

Due to spammers finding the site and

Lots of activity in the first seven days online.

  • Over 700 unique visitors.
  • Over 70 new users.
  • Over 40 new ads posted.
  • And our first confirmed SALE resulting from an ad seen on our site.

I've sent out a few hundred emails and I appreciate all the positive

Traffic is building and bugs are being squashed.

Thanks to all the new visitors and everyone creating an account.

It would be FANTASTIC if you looked around your Ham Shack and found one item to list for Sale, or maybe something that you have Wanted to

Congratulations you found the site.

Quick, take a second and make a bookmark so you won't forget where we are.

The next step is register an account so you can post FREE ads for Ham Radio related items that you are selling or wanting to buy.

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