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Brand new never used Comet SBB-25 2 meter 5/8 wave antenna. Includes Nagoya B-400 Trunk lip antenna mount and 5 meter coax.
The SBB-25 is the best 2M mobile antenna COMET has to offer. The radiation pattern provides the best possible signal strength and coverage area. Gain & Wave: 4.1dBi center-load 5/8 wave VSWR: 1.5:1 or less Max Power: 200 watts Length: 57″ Threaded collar fold-over hinge included, it will not slip up and fold-over by itself while traveling at highway speed. Connector: SBB-25: PL-259 Description: Deluxe heavy duty trunk lid/hatchback mount. Strongest, most universal mobile mount available. 2-axis adjustment gives flexibility in mounting location, i.e. trunk lid, hatchback, vertical door, etc. Specifications: No holes / drilling required Rubber mounting pad protects mounting surface Four set-screws insure mount strength for larger antennas 2-axis adjustable Package included: 1 x NAGOYA RB-400B Mobile antenna mount

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