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AMERITRON AL-811H gives you four fully neutralized 811A transmitting tubes. You get absolute stability and superb performance on higher bands that can’t be matched by un-neutralized tubes.
SPECIFICATIONS: • Output power: 800 Watts PEP, 600 Watts CW. • All Band Operation: Covers 160-15 Meters including WARC bands. Can be user modified for12 and 10 Meters. • Four 811A Tubes: Uses four rugged, fully neutralized low cost 811A PA tubes. • Vertical Tube Mounting: Prevents shorting of tube filament/grid, prolongs tube life. • Fully Neutralized: Improves stability and performance on higher bands. • Input Tune Circuit: Adjustable rear panel slug tuned input circuit. • ALC Control: Built-in adjustable ALC control.

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